GIVEAWAY Photographic Session and Collection valued at over $1000

To celebrate the launch of my beautiful new website I have decided to GIVEAWAY a photographic session and collection valued at over $1000.00! And there are more ways to enter than ever. Check it out below.


The top entry is a standard entry.. Nice and easy. All you need to do is enter your details so I can contact you if you win!

For the other entries where it involves visiting my Facebook/Instagram/Website, when you click on these, the competition app will automatically open up a new browser tab and take you to visit these pages/sites.. You then have to come back to the competition landing page (just flick back through your browser to find it) and click on the same button again.. Only THEN will it record your entry because it knows you have visited the required page. I hope this all makes sense!!

And don’t forget to refer your friends!! This is where all of your extra entries will happen!! Just click on “Refer Friends” and then click the Facebook tab and it automatically sets up a little post for you to share!

Good LUCK!!

PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTION WORTH OVER $1000 | Photography by Michelle