Family Photographs in a Newborn Session

There is no denying it, we all love those squishy, curled up, adorable images of newborn babies. One (or ten) of these art pieces will absolutely take pride of place on your walls soon after that special first photo shoot. This is your precious little bundle that you are so crazy proud of and you want to put them on display for the world to see, but, let us not forget about the importance of family photographs!

The bond shared between a newborn baby and his or her parents and siblings is just such a special human wonder and it is ripe for capturing during that newborn session of yours. I always encourage family photographs at a newborn session so that we can document those raw emotions. It is so rare that I would have to aesthetically adjust much at all in a Mummy and Bub or Daddy and Bub shot, because the loving looks and tight snuggles that people fall into naturally when they are holding their new baby are exactly what looks amazing on film. (ahem … digital file. Yes I am showing my age), and the sibling shots are almost more often than not the most treasured images from the session. All of your babies in a loving cuddle in one frame. Wow! It brings tears to many of my clients eyes. (Well, the female ones with all the hormones flying about post birth at least! Lol).

The main argument I am challenged with when I ask if parents would like family photographs in a newborn session, is from the Mums who have just given birth. I am a Mummy to three babies myself and I completely understand that this is not an overly glamorous time in your life. I am here to help! As a Master of studio lighting and a Photoshop Queen, I promise you will love your family photographs just as much as the ones of your squishy, snugly new baby. If that is not enough, just think how special these photographs will be, not only to you and the rest of your family, but specifically for your baby in ten, twenty, or thirty years time when they are grown. Family photographs are something that are treasured for a lifetime by many generations. So … When you book your newborn session in with me and I ask you if you would like to do some family photographs … Say yes! You won’t regret it. 🙂

I invite you to view my family gallery. You can also return to my home page to learn more about what I have on offer. I am only too happy to help with questions, so get in touch via my contact form and lets chat. To stay in the loop with specials, updates and some cute photos of newborn babies, follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are a few family photographs from a recent newborn session…

Michelle xx

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